The Six Functions of a Dollar

How many periods compounded anually?

Annual Compound Int. or the Hurdel Rate if applies (in decimals)?

What is the term of the function in years?

No. of deposits or payments to be made anually?

The amt. of the uniform series of deposits or income pmnts?

Single investment, predetermined future sum, single future income payment & capital amt to be amoritized:

Note: Results are not computed until you press the "Compute" button.

Interest rate per compound period:

Total number of compound periods:

Total number of payments:

Number of payments per compound period:

Interest rate per payment period:

Extended Calculations:

Future value of a single payment or deposit:

Future value of uniform series of deposits:

Amt. to be periodically deposited & wll grow at compound int. to stipulated, predetermined sum:

Present worth of a single future income payment or value known as a reversion:

Present Worth of a series of future income payments:

Periodic pmt which will amoritize a capital amt
principal & interest included:

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6 Functions of a Dollar
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